Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Independence Day

 Just before things got started.
Watching the fireworks.  Notice Twisters hands over his ears... LOL!  

He kept telling me the lights were loud.  :)  My favorite moment was when he uncovered his ears and tried to cover mine.  He is a sweet boy.   As loud as they were, he was ready for more after the finale...

I think Goose enjoyed the show too.  Sweetie loved watching them with her cousins.  Tank always tells us its too loud.  She liked the fireworks we could see in the distance that were tiny and silent.  Sorry honey, not exciting enough for us. 

Cinderelly did very well for her first fireworks.  She was sitting with my Mom who tried to keep her ears covered.  She didn't cry until it was nearly over.  By the way... loving the pants.  I won't divulge your identity here, but you know who you are.  :)  You can thank Twister for the picture. 

The finale was the best I've ever seen.  And that is saying alot.  They always put on a spectacular show, but the finale just kept going and going!  It was so loud you could feel it in your chest.  I love that!  

Please remember only two defining forces have ever 
offered to die for you... JESUS CHRIST
and the AMERICAN SOLIDER. One died for your soul, the other for
your freedom... My heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude to ALL those
who have fought for my FREEDOM!

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silverthorne said...

Little Cinderelly is growing so fast! She looks SO cute! I can't wait to meet her NEXT week! WOOHOO! Also, I AM SO SUPER jealous of the firework show. I can't believe it was the best finale you have ever seen - that REALLY is saying a LOT! Every year I get so homesick for a good Glen Ellyn firework show because Utah just gives fireworks an embarrassing name. I promise myself that one of these years I will come home during the fourth of July. (don't mind my blogger name - my original blogger is on the fritz)