Thursday, December 30, 2010

Our Happy New Year Greetings

Merry belated Christmas and happy new year to all our friends and family.  Every year, I think I'll put together a cute Christmas card and mail it out, but I haven't followed through for I think 4 years now.  So, once again, here is the online greeting from dear little old us.

Benson started the year off working crazy awful hours as a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant manager while he looked for a new job in his field.  The new job finally came through and he started with Compliance 11 shortly after the birth of our 5th child.  And as if being the provider for 5 children wasn't enough, he managed to tear out and install a new kitchen for us over the course of about 3 months.  He is amazing, absolutely amazing.  (And so is my new kitchen if I do say so myself)

Cheryl started the year pregnant.   Managing the lives of 4 little ones and being pregnant was a lot to handle, but managing 5 little ones has proved to be even more crazy.    Just to add to all the craziness, Cheryl decided to do several craft shows in the fall.  Her art keeps her sane and any money it brings in is a nice bonus.  One of the highlights of this year for her was her family reunion in the summer.  It was spectacular chaos.  :)  We loved it.

Goose started 5th grade this fall and is doing very well.  He manages to juggle all the work he has, and is a huge help to me with the littler kids as well.  He refers to Cinderelly as his "minor challenge" and Twister as his "major challenge".  He loves Wizard 101, reading, Legos, and computer games.  He has started playing the trumpet but hasn't decided if he wants to stick with it or switch to another instrument yet...

Sweetie is in 3rd grade and is also a major help to me.  She likes to pretend she has her own restaurant and makes the family lunch whenever she is home.  She is also majorly into art and likes to draw, paint, and color whenever she has free time.  Since she turned 8 this summer, she chose to be baptized.  We had a wonderful event with her and her cousin's baptisms and blessing Cinderelly at the same time. 

Tank started Kindergarten this fall and she LOVES it.  She has also started getting the art/creativity bug and has some beautiful art to show for it.  This may have started because she wants to do everything her sister does.  They are great friends and I love watching them grow together.  She loves to help out and is a great shopping companion. 

Twister is 2 1/2 now and fits the stereotype perfectly.  He wants to do everything by himself and his way.  He is obsessed with electronics and throws a spectacular tantrum when he has to get off of them.  This too shall pass, right??!!  I just have to figure out how to mold that independence into wanting to be potty trained.  Eventually... 

Our little princess Cinderelly joined our family on March 24th.  We really can't imagine life without her anymore.  She has spectacular BLUE eyes that sparkle when she smiles at you.  She has a strong personality that we love to see more of everyday.

We loved receiving so many of your Christmas cards, we love hearing what is going on with you.   I hope you'll forgive us for sending ours out this way.  :)  Health and a happy new years to each of you.