Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What are we thinking??

Well, I guess the pictures probably are worth a thousand words, but I'll give a little narration anyway.  First, below we have the "hole in the floor" where we had to cut through the flooring to get to a leaky pipe below it.  We tried in vain to match the type of flooring that was put down.  Everybody makes their flooring fit together in different ways.  :(

Our children have been a little hard on our drawers.  Ok, "little" might be an understatement.  After repairing and rebuilding the drawers a dozen times, we finally gave up and left the fronts off.

The previous owners made optimal use of counter space.  Including mounting extra counter over the stove to put the microwave on.  Functional, but not very pretty.  Plus a lot of wasted space there. 
SO!  What we were thinking was that we really wanted to fix some of these issues.  I hope we're not in over our heads, but we've committed to doing a kitchen makeover.  We ordered the cabinets, but we are going to do all the work ourselves.  Wish us luck!!!


Weston and William's Blog said...

Good luck! I'm sure it will look great when you're done!! I'm jealous that you have a house to fix up ;)

Liz Smith said...

wow. good luck! you are brave that's for sure.

silverthorne said...

I am confused about the floor - it doesn't look like anything is wrong other than some tape on the ground? Good Luck with the kitchen stuff and let me know how it goes. Jonathan and I always say that if (or should I say when in the far future) we buy a place we want to remodel everything ourselves. Isn't it nice being married to handy men ;)

Kim W said...

Awesome!!! So excited for you guys! A new kitchen is soooo fun! The in between time of "before" and "after" isn't always that great, but the results will be worth it. Ha! Can't wait to see the pix.

Julie said...

Wow, what a big project! But nice that you can do the work yourselves! Good luck with everything, it'll be worth it in the end!