Thursday, April 22, 2010


She's 2 days shy of  being a month old!  Where does the time go?  I'm fairly certain that she's going through a growth spurt at the moment too.  Our 3 hour stretches of sleep at night were sadly shortened to every hour and a half last night.  *yawn*.  The only thing that seems to make that ok is that she started smiling at me yesterday.  Not just the adorable little gas smiles that keep you hoping for more, but the eye contact GRINS that just melt your heart.  We love this little sweetie!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Look who is TWO! and Pretty in Pink

I can't believe it either!  My sweet little Twister has turned 2!!!
With all the craziness of life with a newborn, I nearly forgot his birthday.  I hate to admit that, but since I came through in the end, I *think* its ok.  2 years ago, this little boy decided to make his grand entrance into this world 6 weeks before his due date. 

After a 9 day stay in the NICU, he came home to a very happy family.  We love him to pieces.  Even if he is a bit of a twister.  :) We celebrated with brownies and presents with just our little family.  I think he enjoyed himself.

He has jumped into the role of big brother like a pro.  He LOVES his baby sister.  He wants to hold her and kiss her all the time.  He is fascinated by the way she eats (insert mother's eye roll here) and is a big help getting diapers and wipes when they are needed.   He is very gentle with her to my huge relief.  :)

Twister, we love you!  and happy belated birthday.  :)

We also took a few pictures on Sunday of all the girls.  Twister was taking a nap at the time or I would've tried to get a family shot in.  Oh well, enjoy these!!