Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy BirthAnniversaBlessBaptiFathers Day to you!

To say we had a busy weekend here *might* be an understatement.   We chose Friday to celebrate Goose's birthday since we knew we had a lot of fun to come.  I took him and a friend to see "How to Train Your Dragon".  What a great movie!  It was a lot of fun.  He got a few gifts that I think he liked.  So, we started the weekend on a good note. 

That night, Heidi, Opa and Gma arrived to attend Sweetie's baptism and Cinderelly's blessing.  We thorougly enjoyed having them come to help us celebrate.     

Sweetie was baptised at the same time as her cousin.  She loves having her cousins live so close.  They are her best friends. 

To add to the celebration, Opa and Gma were celebrating 51 years of wedded bliss.  I asked a friend of mine to make us a cake in honor of all of our celebrating.  The detail on this cake is astounding!  There are balloons around the bottom for the birthday...  waves for the baptism . . . wedding rings for the anniversary...  a tiny baby in a cradle for the blessing and ties on the top for Father's Day. 

Oh yea, did I mention it was Father's day too?  I am so grateful to have a husband who was worthy and willing to bless his daughter, baptise another daughter and confirm her.  We had the best weekend!  We were so glad to share it with family and friends. 

Memories for a lifetime.


Sarah H said...

What a fun busy weekend! Your daughters look beautiful in their white dresses.

Kim W said...

What an amazing weekend ... and an amazing cake. What talented friends you have!!!