Thursday, July 8, 2010

hole in the floor

 For Kelli.  :)  Another "picture is worth a thousand words"  Benson had to saw through the flooring to get to the leaky pipe under it.  It probably would look better without the tape, but the basic problem of a hole cut out of the flooring would still be there.  When we did this, we thought we could buy a couple extra pieces of flooring material and just replace the pieces we cut.  Unfortunately, every flooring company in the world makes their flooring fit together in different ways.  :(  Since we have to replace it anyway, we're also going to try to level out the floor.  Right now it drops by about an inch from where the stove is to the wall by the kitchen table.  If you look closely, I've blackened where the bubble is on the level.  Not even close to between the lines.  I suppose this explains why I always have balls, toys and spills sitting right up against that wall. 

(By the way we're saving the good pieces of flooring to use in our pantry or maybe a bedroom)

So, here we go! 

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Kelli and Jonathan said...

The picture in this post is much more telling of the huge hole in the floor. Excellent idea to save the good wood and use it somewhere else - Yay for recycling :)