Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So, I got the book.

Yea, the one that I posted about a couple weeks ago, "The Ultramind Solution". It was completely intriguing to me and actually not totally what I was expecting. The author is a M.D. and he goes into detail about all the vitamins and minerals and what their action is in our bodies and what happens when you have a deficiency (not a blatent deficiency like rickets or scurvy, but rather sub-ideal levels). He also goes into detail on what happens when you take in toxins of various sorts. As a wanna-be nurse, the detail was captivating. Basically the whole book was taken up by all this explanation of why he recommends the ultramind solution. What is the solution to having a clear mind? I think he has a list of 7 things, but my take away message was this:

Take in good foods and supplements.

Clean out toxins.


He speculates that a large portion of the population has latent food allergies... meaning the effects of eating the foods are not life threating and severe the way acute allergies are, however the long term effects can cause inflammation, memory fog, and possibly even ADHD etc. Part of his plan includes a trial period of eliminating high frequency allergy foods like dairy and gluten. What surprised me was that he also says to re-introduce them after 6 weeks to find out whether or not you have an allergy. When you've cleared them from your system, the reaction will be much more noticable when you try it again. So, if you're not allergic, enjoy your wheat and your dairy!

I've found the secret to eternal youth! Vitamins, minerals, good foods, and exercise. :) So, I totally recommend the book. Read it even if you don't plan on changing your diet forever. It will make you more aware of good and bad things that are out there, and tune you into what you are doing to your body.

My own personal goal is to try to eliminate or significantly reduce the amount of high fructose corn syrup I have in the house. I've already tried to eliminate trans fats, but thats another big one. On top of that, I will drink more water and take my multi-vitamin everyday. I'm considering some extra vitamins, but I still need to investigate that further. Eventually I may try the full 6 week program, but I'm not quite there yet. I could probably do it for myself, but I don't know if I could handle implementing it with my kids or keeping to it if I ONLY did it for myself.

As a side note, he has recipes, a schedule and all sorts of helps available to download at this site:

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Mrs. Morty said...

I should try it out since I totally have "memory fog"...maybe that's just from lack of sleep at this point though.