Friday, April 3, 2009


On this past Sunday, I told Benson that his tail brake light was out. After that time, Benson has worked every day for stinkin LONG hours every day... So, it wasn't the first thing on his priority list. Until Wednesday that is... he got pulled over by a cop who gave him a warning for having his tail light out. A warning? Really? I didn't know it was actually a ticketable offense, but whatever. Just a bit ironic to me. He went to court today and his other offenses were "dismissed" since he got a new license, registration and had proof of insurance. I'm not sure if a bill comes later, but so far, we haven't paid for that event.

ANYWAY, I wanted to tell *MY* awesome cop story. This was almost 7 years ago when we were living in Utah. I had *just* had Sweetie, and I remember my Mom was still there helping out. Benson was at work as a telephone network person... As I sat at home, I got a call from Benson, he told me that he had locked the keys in the car and needed me to come open it up for him. He then added that it was fairly urgent as the car was running, and he really needed to get moving because the police phone lines were not working and he was responsible for fixing it.

So, "what is the problem?" you may ask... the only car available to drive was under a centimeter worth of dirt because it hadn't been driven in months. It was also un-registered since we weren't driving it and we were on a college student's budget. I left the baby with my mom and went to check if the beast would start. It did start, and with a few swooshes of the windshield wipers and lots of window fluid, I could see through the front window enough to drive the half mile to Benson's work. He was waiting for me out front and we got the car open, and he ran off to fix the telephone lines.

As I was pulling out, I noticed a cop behind me. I remember feeling totally guilty for driving the unregistered car, and sure enough, the cop noticed and pulled me over.

License and registration please...

"um, here's my license, but the car isn't registered, but the ONLY reason I am driving it is because my husband locked his keys in the other car when it was on! We haven't driven this car in months, look at the dust!"

"just a moment" . He takes my license and goes back to his car. I sit there thinking about how it was all Benson's fault and my baby who was probably going to wake up and start screaming for food, my Mom was probably wondering where I went and what was taking so long... blah blah, all those things that you think about when they walk back to the car..."

here he comes...

"Ok, here's your license. You need to register this car. Even if you aren't driving it, it has to be registered... blah blah blah... (I'm nodding and agreeing and being as pleasant as humanly possible under the circumstances...) However, our police lines are down, so I can't get hold of anyone for issuing a ticket. I'm going to let you off with a warning."

Did you catch that? The police phone lines were down, so he couldn't issue a ticket. The only reason that I was driving the car was because the police lines were down when Benson locked the keys in the car. Apparently he hadn't fixed them yet! IRONY!

Oh, and I think maybe we've finally learned our lesson about not registering cars. (rolls eyes at herself).

Yes, irony.


Monroe Family said...

Love it Love it!
My dad was pulled over for speeding in a school zone while dropping off my bro and sis for school one day (they had missed the bus and were running late). He was pulled over but had no license (in his wallet at home - he was still in his pjs), no registration, no insurance, no ID, not wearing a seat belt and SPEEDING IN A SCHOOL ZONE! Yet he got off with a warning. What a fine THAT would have been!
But, no, he hasn't learned his lesson. Still drives without his license and w/o a seatbelt...all the time.

Brenda said...

That's hilarious, not that Benson got pulled over, but the story 7 years ago. Classic.