Thursday, January 29, 2009

A curse or a blessing... its one in the same

Twister has gone through about 15 diapers just today. Poor kid.
3:15 pm. School calls, Goose threw up in class. Benson leaves to pick him up.
3:25pm. Benson walks in door. Tank informs me her stomach hurts and proceeds to the bathroom and pukes.
3:30pm. School calls, "are you home yet? could you come back and pick up Sweetie, she just threw up."

I've NEVER had all my children sick at the exact same time. Its usually a case of one starts it and it goes through them all one at a time dragging on for days and weeks. So, maybe it is a blessing to get it all over with. At the moment, it feels like a bit of a curse. I'm usually pretty stoic through throwing up, I built up a tolerance when I worked at the plasma center (ha!), but my stomach is feeling a bit queasy right now. Wish me luck getting through the next 24 hours.


Monroe Family said...

Been there...done that...this week! Amazing what kids will do to test our resilience! Be ever so thankful your kids can make it to the toilet!

PS. and I thought James' 9 diapers were bad!

Liz Smith said...

i was always the kid that threw up at school. I think it happened to me once a school year from 1st thru 3rd grade. not fun at all! i hope it's just a 24 hour thing and that they all feel better soon!

Corrine said...

oh i am so sorry, at least they are all getting it done at once :)

Weston and William's Blog said...

Oh you poor thing! I hope it goes by super quickly!

Teri said...

Yikes. Remember when I had construction in my house and ALL my kids plus Matt got pink eye. And it was Thanksgiving. WOW!!

The only good thing like you said. You will be done with it...unless you and Benson start getting sick. j/k :)

Talk to you soon. Hang in there.

Teri said...

AWW!! I just looked at the pictures again. My Lucky looks so miserable. I hope a quick recovery for everyone (and health to MOM and DAD).

Heather said...

We had this happen last year, only I was sick too...poor Tom. Hope you made it through with your sanity!