Monday, January 5, 2009

Ok, its been a while.

I guess I was going with the theme of no news is good news. Here are a few pics from our last few weeks. We've been very busy! The lighter pink is the new color for the walls. We'll finish painting when the new windows are installed.

This was a big project that I am SOOOOO loving. Benson built this pantry for me!! It used to be an entrance to the house, but we took out the door and made it into a much needed pantry. I have room for food storage!!

The kids had a slumber party as part of our New Years Eve celebration. We had my brother in town from Oregon, and another brother surprised us from North Carolina, so we were only missing a few people from my large family! It was a great week, and the kids had a blast!

A kiss to sign off for today. She dressed herself by the way. Love that girl. :)


Liz Smith said...

the house is looking good. i cant wait to see the finished project. hope all is well. :)

Katie said...

So you have really great pantry, but how do you get in the house? ;)

Your projects look great! I'd better go get to work on mine!

Tami H. said...

I love getting house projects underway and finished, not just on the to do list.
That pantry looks awesome, so nice to have a place to put food storage. We want to paint or house, but can't decide on a color.

Corrine said...

love the pantry and the slumber party looks like so much fun.

Teri said...

I love the pantry. Benson did such a nice job. And now you have TONS of space. I am so happy for you.