Friday, January 16, 2009

Guess what!?

Its colder here in Chicago than it is at the north pole today. Awesome.

Perfect day for our heat to go out. No, really, it did. The house temperature was falling fast, so I took refuge at my parents house while the repairman came. What is it I am still supposed to learn? I think I was grateful for my warm home. Maybe not grateful enough. It feels especially warm now. :)


Monroe Family said...

Awesome about the new record there, but sorry to hear about the lack of heat. Glad to hear you were able to take refuge, though. We love you!

devri said...

Man that was some bad news. Sorry to hear that.. Burrr I couldn't emagine not having heat in our house, but who knows maybe next month ours will be off, not because of breakage, just because of not bill paying.. hee hee

I know not funny.. better laugh than cry right..

Have a great day woman.

Weston and William's Blog said...

Are you kidding? You poor things! We have been freezing here in out apt- we went out last night and bought space heaters. I hope the heat is back on and you guys are nice and snuggly!

Cheryl Anne said...

Yea, we're back home and warm. Apparantly our house wasn't getting a continuous flow of natural gas. I'm glad I didn't try to shower, I would have been frozen solid between the cold house and no not water!! So, Nicor replaced the gas meter, and now we're back to "normal".

Julie said...

Yikes! Bad timing for your heater to break! I so do not miss those cold Chicago winters!

Ever thought of moving to Texas? It was 68 degrees today. :)

Emily and Kyle said...

oh, so NOT fun! Hope you are warm and cozy now in your own home. I RARELY watch Oprah..but happened to watch the one you were at! I wish I would have known to look for you!:)