Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Writers block

Sorry for being so darn boring lately! Life is a bit boring and frustrating, so rather than write about bad days, I seem to not write at all. Here's a bit of an update.

Benson is still job searching like crazy. I feel like we're in a sinking ship, but I am just trying to keep the faith that the Lord will save us. Even if we do get a little wet.

I've been working on my business. . . I have a couple of orders at the moment that I am trying to finish up. Most recently, I got an order for 200 favors for a ladies convention coming up in March. I was excited for that.

Goose is doing well in school for the most part. His teacher called me this week to say she is recommending him to be tested for the PACE (gifted) program. She said the only thing she thought might hold him back would be his handwriting. I agree. He hates to write, so testing doesn't always reflect his intelligence.

Sweetie is also doing well in school. In contrast to Goose, she has the most perfect beautiful handwriting I've ever seen from a kid. She likes to do art projects and make handmade cards and decorated notes for everyone she comes in contact with. I wonder where she gets that from. :)

Tank started preschool again today. She LOVES her preschool and is so glad to be out of the house for a while during the day. She is such a fun kid, and says things that keep us laughing. I can't believe she will be turning 4 this month!

Twister is growing tooooooo fast! He's started standing on his own. First crawling, then pulling to stand, now this! He has no respect for his mother who just wants him to stay a baby a little longer. *sigh* But he is DARN cute!

We're glad to be healthy again and hope to stay that way. We are struggling to get by, but, as my dad always says, the important things are going well. We have our love and each other. If only that would pay the mortgage, we'd be in good shape. At least it looks like our tax refund will get us through for a little while longer. I know we are not the only ones in this tight situation. I'm trying to remember all of you in my prayers too!


Corrine said...

its a tough time, keep the faith!

Karena said...

We're still praying for you guys. Nobody knows better than us how tough it is to be out of work. Now that we have a job...we need the house to sell. Things just can't be easy right now, can it? I'm glad that your business is doing well. Keep your chin up and things will start happening.