Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My valentines day gift

I meant to write about this last week, but I have to tell you how much my husband loves me. I should start by telling you that ever since I met him, my husband has not been a fan of Valentine's Day. He feels like anyone who needs a specific day to celebrate true love, must not be in love. So, he truly tries to make sure he does small acts of kindness throughout the year to show his love. He specifically excludes valentines day.

So that's the background. The story continues that I had been trying to get together with a good friend of mine for a couple weeks to have what we fondly refer to as "noodle night". Its basically just a girls night out to chat, talk and vent. :) Our favorite place to go is Noodles. Well, earlier in the week, we had set a tentative noodle night for tuesday, but it we ended up with conflicts. My friend sent me an email (to the address my husband and I share) saying maybe thursday would work better. I talked to her later and reminded her that thursday was Valentines day. Ironically, her husband is rather anti-Valentine's day too, SOOOOOOO!! The moral of my rambling is that I got a girls night out for my Valentine's day present. I can't think of anything I would have enjoyed more. Flowers fade and die (unless I press them first LOL), and candies are even shorter lived . . . I got a fresh outlook on life and some great advice for Valentine's day. What did you get?


Corrine said...

I have the same sentiments regarding Valentine's day...never really got it.

WE took the whole family out to dinner and then basketball practice! Woo HOo

Jenny said...

Thank you for commenting and entering the giveaway. I hope you drop by again soon! :)