Friday, February 8, 2008

lightbulb moment

I think I figured it out! If you can believe it, I think I know why this pregnancy has been harder than my others. Ok, first, let me rule out the obvious, I have 3 other kids I am trying to take care of, plus my business, and I work part time and blah blah blah. Thats just not it. Every time I've been pregnant before, I've had a good friend, or family member be pregnant with me. Someone to say, hey are you feeling this? is that normal? and don't you hate it when....

With my first, I was actually one of 11 coworkers (yes ELEVEN!) who had babies within one years time. 3 of us were due within a month of each other and we shared our woes, our aches and pains constantly. Then we got to console and help all the other pregos as they went through theirs. (I was the first of those 11 friends to deliver)

My second pregnancy, I was due within a month of my sister and a friend.

Third pregnancy, I was due within a month of my sister (honest, we didn't plan it!) and 3 friends...

This time, I don't have any friends or family members pregnant. I think I'm lonely!

Anyone happen to be due in May who wants to be my new pregnant friend I can console with? Maybe a little whining to the blog reading world will help. I feel huge this time, I HATE doing the diabetes test (that's coming up in a couple weeks. EWWWWW!), my back is aching so much, its hard to find a good position to sleep, and just to round things out, I LOVE feeling the baby move.

thanks for listening :)


Ashly said...

I am so glad you found me! Cute blog. I can't sympathize completely and be your May buddy, but I have decided that being pregnant with #4 is draining me and I am just ending that wonderful first trimester! I think you are adorable pregnant! So tiny!

devri said...

hey!! not due in may, but due in April, maybe I could be your friend, I don't have a blog yet, but thinking of doing one, just for our sakes, maybe like a journel for our trials and all of our blessings. Can't help you with the migraine thing, I am going through the same thing, no remedies yet that work. you and your family are sooo cute. love devri

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