Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A bit of randomness

You'll have to forgive me ahead of time for the complete randomness that this is. :) First of all, I just want to warn anyone else who happens to be unaware of this phenomenon; Apparantly, leather gloves shrink and distort when exposed to the salt that you throw on the walkway to melt snow. I grabbed a handful, and some of it was hardened, so I was rubbing two peices together to break it up and spread it out. I put the gloves in my pocket and when I put them on again several hours later, they looked like distorted and mangled old woman hands. :( Well, now I know.

Second, I have to tell you how creepy it is that migraines are not only a daytime event. Night before last, I had a dream. I was in school when I realized that the aura was starting. I went up to the teacher and told her I had to leave NOW because I was getting a migraine. I got as far as the door and sat down to put on my shoes. While sitting there putting on my shoes, the headache hit full force. I remember just sitting there with my head bowed between my knees and crying. That's as much of the dream as I remember. What creeps me out is that the aura and headache didn't wake me up (sometimes they do). I woke up in a completely dark, quiet bedroom in the morning. I remembered the dream vividly and I was afraid to move. Before moving, I optomistically thought it really was *just* a dream. Unfortunately, once I got up, I realized the headache was very much real. No fair. More tylenol, and a Dr Pepper. I hope this isn't a trend until the end of my pregnancy. I sure don't handle them well. Luckily, I feel a lot better today.

Last piece of randomness for this post, I actually need an opinion for. I just finished a pressed flower picture done of the Nauvoo temple. My afterthought is that I made most of the picture sort of "old fashioned" with the dirt looking road and all. The original Nauvoo temple was built in 1846 had an angel Moroni on the top that was horizontal. The original temple was destroyed by fire in 1848, and the new temple was constructed in the same design as the original in 2002. However, the angel Moroni was changed to an upright Moroni the same as most other temples currently built. SOOO!! That's the history. The question is, would the picture be better with a horizontal, "old fashioned" Moroni, or should I leave it as it is? Here is a link to what the Moroni originally looked like.

Thanks for any advice you may have!


Ashley said...

Ick sorry about your migraines. Yucky! And, congrats on your baby! :)

I like your pressed flower pic...as is. :) Good job!

Brenda said...

I'm no crafty lady, so it looks good to me. Sorry about the headaches, that can't be any fun with a family to take care of! Thanks for the comment on my blog! It's great to keep up with each other!

Cheryl Anne said...

I found a buyer for the picture, and she likes it as is, so Moroni will stay trumpeting upright!