Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In the words of a 2 year old

My daughter brought her cabbage patch kid girl into the room I was sitting in. She climbed up on my lap and showed me her doll. Just so you get the whole picture, let me explain, the doll is one of the great ones from the 80's. She is well loved. Today she is wearing a newborn dress that ended up in the doll clothes bin. It is a darling little pink dress with a little pink flower in the corner. Ok, picture drawn?

"Isn't she cute?"
Yes she is!
"Smell this mom!" She proceeds to inhale the darling fabric flower on the dress, then offers the flower for me to smell as well. Then in the most fervent, adult like voice "doesn't it smell pink?!" Well, yes, yes it does. :)

What could possibly smell better than the color pink?


Mrs. Morty said...

Hey Cheryl,
I found your blog from Ashley's. Your kiddos are so cute!! Crazy thing is I had a migraine on Monday too. Same deal with the flashing and the panic. I frantically feed me kids before the pain sets in and then throw a movie in and go back to bed. It especially stinks when you are pregnant (congratulations!!) and can't do much about it. Hope you are feeling better!!

Keys and Memories said...

Your girls are adorbale! Kids say the cutest things as well don't they?
I remember my cabbage patch doll too :)

momof3princesses said...

Hi Cheryl!
Yeah! I found you! I was trying to find your address so we can send you a Valentines card. You can send it to my email at: Love your blog and your cards!
:-), Anne-Marie

Monica said...

It must be going around cuz, I had a migraine Monday night?! Something in the air or water? Your girls are adorable!

Bec said...

What a great comment! I love it. Isn't it amazing that the cabbage patch doll is back!!! My son plays with one that used to be my sister's (another 80s cabbage patch kid - we like to think of it as 'old skool' hehe) and I find it so funny that it's so old it's hip again, and they're now in all the toy stores. I wonder when we'll start seeing Punky Brewster again and our kids will start wanting to wear odd socks!!!!!!!

Aly Allred said...

Are those not the cutest girls you have ever seen? I am glad to hear that my mom wasn't the only one who saved her daughter's cabbage patch dolls. It's fun that they are now being well loved. FYI: we some how miraculously smell colors in our home too...