Saturday, May 9, 2009

Snippet about my artwork.


"I have an art question--is all of your art made out of flowers and plants? Do you paint ANY of it?"


My art is *mostly* made out of flowers and plants. So, for example, on the temple pictures I've done, the background sky and grass are painted and the lines to define walls are painted... other than that, everything is flowers and leaves. For the dragon picture I recently posted, the only thing painted is the whites of his eyes. His scaly skin was the perfect spotty leaf, the fire and scales on his back are a colorful maple leaf I picked up last fall. The marshmallows are baby's breath flowers. His webby wings are made from skeleton leaves I found in my backyard. The background was created digitally.

Sometimes I embellish with glitter or other scrapbooking supplies to add interest. Its hard to see, but this fairy is sparkly as is her wand and the center of the flower she's passed.

I guess my philosophy is that anything goes as long as I like how it turns out in the end. I love using leaves and flowers because I think they add more interest than my imagination could come up with. :) The colors and imperfections add to the uniqueness.

(As an FYI, my designs-in-floral website is down due to a tornado hitting the building where the server resides (no where near me by the way). It may be down for a while, so I'm working on redirecting traffic to go to my Etsy shop in the mean time. Hopefully it won't be too long until its up and running again.)

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Karena said...

Wow! You did an amazing job on the Rexburg Temple. The brilliant blue window and the sunset are gorgeous. I love it.