Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A deal for my readers and a busy day.

Hey all, thanks so much for the compliments on my dragon picture! I sure needed the positive reinforcement. :) So, for you guys, I'm making a deal. I usually charge $20 for my fine art prints. They are printed on cotton rag, fine art papers and printed with pigment inks so that your print will last more than your lifetime. For my blog readers only, I'm offering the prints for $16 with free shipping! To get this deal, go to my etsy site and purchase the listing. What usually happens is they link you to paypal to pay right away. What you need to do is "buy" it on Etsy, then wait for me to send you a invoice, so I can correct your price. You can then click the link in the email to pay. You can go here to buy my print on etsy. Offer ends May 21.

As for life, it was a busy day today. We finally are making some visible progress again on the house!!!! Its been a LONG wait, with a long story to explain it all, so I won't bore you with the details. I will, however, post pictures very soon!

We also said goodbye to our racoon today. Turns out it was a SHE racoon and she had her babies up in the attic. Now we have to get a bid to see how much it will cost to repair the roof and clean the place out. It STINKS up there, the insulation is torn to bits and peed and pooped on all over. We still have to check the stuff we had stored up there. I think things like our luggage are going to need to be replaced.. along with anything that was not in a plastic bin. What a joke. The irony is that I was relieved that she will be relocated with her babies instead of killed. *sigh* Just make sure its FAR FAR away. (He said he drives an hour away to relocate the animals he collects).

Anyway, that's a day in the life for today...


Monroe Family said...

I've heard chili pepper works to ward off animals...so if you have any future animals, just sprinkle it in the area in question and animals will steer clear. Sorry about the mess. We had a similar problem with rats in our garage (thank goodness ours is a detached garage so we didn't have to worry about them coming into the house!). Now we have two dogs and a cat to ward off any future problems. :) Good luck!

Julie said...

That is awful about the raccoon! I'm glad you got it taken care of, and good luck cleaning up the mess it left. I hope you get a break from all the trying times you've gone through lately!