Thursday, May 21, 2009

Creative inspiration

Check out these awesome ideas for decorating your walls! The creative juices are totally flowing! I'm thinking cut out vinyl for the girls shades... maybe with butterflys or swirl designs... hmm... maybe starched fabric to make fun fabric designs on the walls. The possibilities are endless.

... and we need a new giraffe made with vinyl or maybe fabric for my son's room. He does NOT want to give up the giraffe's but I don't want to paint them again only to paint over them in a few years when they are totally not cool anymore. (We have to paint the walls when the new windows go in...) Something that is semi-permanent is just what we need! I'm so excited! Now to save up some $.

Anyone want to buy a sandwich wrap or some cards? :) How about a print or two?


Celeste Christensen said...

Wow you are super creative! I wish I know what to do with vinyl.

Aly Allred said...

You are so talented. In fact, we are having a baby girl next month. I have been thinking about what kind of picture I want you to do for her bedroom. I love Megan's garden picture sooooo much, that I was thinking about you doing something similiar, so that one day, they can hang side by side in their bedroom... I need to e-mail you.