Friday, February 27, 2009

but mom, I'm not bigger yet.

So, I was telling someone about some of the classic things my daughter said on her birthday, and realized they weren't recorded for all of the world to read yet.

Tank was anxious for this birthday. I had told her that her preschool would start near her birthday, then preschool decided to start 2 weeks earlier than I anticipated. So, for 2 weeks, she asked just about every day if *today* was her birthday yet. So, you can imagine the joy and excitement when the big day actually came. She knew it was her birthday, however, when I asked her how old she was, she said 3. I said, no, its your birthday, so *now* how old are you. She insisted she was only 3. I asked why she thought she was still 3 if today was her birthday... her answer:

"well, Mom, I'm not bigger yet."

After further prompting throughout the day, she finally conceeded being 4 years old.

That night, my Mom wanted to take her out to buy her a new pair of shoes for her birthday. So, just us girls went out to the shoe store. We decided to measure her feet to get the right size. Turns out she was wearing shoes *2* sizes too small for her. Yikes! So, she tried on a shoe. My mom asked her if it was comfortable, yes, this shoe is comfortable. Um, ok, why don't you try walking around in it. ok... walk . . . walk. . . yup, its comfortable. So, we try on pair #2, also comfortable. Then comes pair #3. You should've seen the look on her face. Her eyes lit up as we tried them on. My mom asked if this pair was comfortable... the answer,

YUP! They're pink!!!

A very important criteria for being comfortable, is the color pink. :) She wore the shoes out the door. (I couldn't really justify putting on the shoes that were 2 sizes too small anyway.) However, the story goes on just a little further... We got home and it was near bedtime. She went upstairs, we said prayers, got on pj's and all that stuff. When we checked on her later, guess who was wearing her new shoes. Guess that pink really did make them comfortable.

Gotta love her! :)

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Karena said...

That's too cute! The right color makes everything better.