Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why is it

**warning, baby poop story ahead, read at your own risk**

I got the cutest outfit from my sister in law for Daniel. He's just now fitting it and has worn it a total of 3 times so far. Well, attempted to wear it. EVERY time I put him in this outfit, he manages to have one of those out of control, completely out of the diaper, how is that possible, poops. I was sort of laughing about that this morning when I put the outfit on him again. Sure enough, mid morning, he poops, but amazingly, not everywhere. well. at least not yet.

It still amazes me how much poop a little baby can make. While changing his diaper, he decided that was prime time to make sure he kept his record. (You know that instant of a moment between taking one diaper out and getting the next one under, yea, then.) Poop everywhere, including all over the cutest outfit in the world. I think he hates it. What other explanation could there possibly be? Doesn't matter though, boy, I'm washing it and putting it on again because I LOVE IT. so there.

I thought about taking a picture of the mess, but I thought you would appreciate NOT seeing it even more. *sigh*

By request, a picture of the little stinker in his outfit (without the poop):


Liz Smith said...

THANK YOU for no pictures! how bout a pic of him in the cute outfit but no've got me curious. :)

i guess cuteness sometimes comes with a well, he's just going to have to suck it up and get used to looking adorable.

The Miller Family said...

Love it! It sure makes you appreciate it once they start solids!!!

Kenney Crew said...

You'll need to take a pic for us...after you wash his cute little outfit. That stinks....literally! LOL!

devri said...

Dang it, I wanted pictures!!!!

You haven't entered my blog, you don't like my cheesy bows :)

Karena said...

He is so brighteyed. I think he likes the outfit so much, that he must feel a need to "leave his mark" on it.

Nora said...

He is soo cute!!

Abbie had an outfit just like this one... only girly, and white of all colors. It was my absolute fav. She would blow out in it every time, guaranteed.