Sunday, September 28, 2008

101 posts

I noticed on my dashboard today that my last post brought me to the magic number of 100 posts. wow. So for my one hundred and first post, you get to learn 100 things about me. If I can think of that many...

1. I have 7 siblings

2. 5 of them are brothers.
3. I live within 5 minutes of my parents.

4. I thought I would hate living that close.

5. I love it.

6. I named my first born after a street that I often passed growing up.

7. I met my husband when I was 15 years old.

8. He was a return missionary at the time. (21 years old)

9. We met while performing in the City of Joseph pageant in Nauvoo IL

10. We were both dancers in the pageant.
11. While dancing in the pageant I tore the ligaments in my pinky toe. I can bend my toe sideways because of it.
12. I love the smell of morning dew.

13. I love the sound of crickets and other night creatures.

14. I've never had my own room.

15. I like my house to be clean.

16. I hate cleaning my house.

17. laundry is my nemesis.

18. I love cheesecake, put cherry pie filling on the top and I'm in heaven!

19. I love babies.

20. I love how babies smile at strangers, but then need to look away and snuggle into Mom.

21. I've only been in one small fender bender. (knock on wood)

22. One of my favorite things is to be kissed on the forehead by my husband.

23. I never hiked up Y mountain during my 4 years at BYU.

24. I enjoyed my first 2 pregnancies.

25. Third and fourth about did me in.

26. Migraines suck.

27. I was never 9 months pregnant. Longest pregnancy lasted 38 weeks. Shortest: 35.

28. I get thyroiditis after having babies. It sucks. that's a whole post in itself.

29. I tend to get obsessed with whatever project I'm working on.

30. I hate my wardrobe. I wish someone would nominate me for "What not to wear" so I could replace it.

31. I like the smell of defrosting freezers. It started at Alpha.

32. I wear t-shirts way too often.

33. I have great ideas, but have trouble carrying them out.

34. I can do amazing things with pressed flowers. :)
35. I was captain of the varsity gymnastics team my junior year of high school.
36. That year I broke my back.

37. I wore a back brace for 6 months.

38. I'm not a good swimmer. Ocean's scare me.

39. I never played with tanks as a child. Now I have my very own. :)

40. I'm not as good at gardening as my pressed flowers would make you think.

41. I like to rearrange my furniture. I think its my way of really deep cleaning.

42. I do it about every 3 months when possible.

43. I have a love/hate relationship with the TV show Heroes.

44. Sylar makes me feel physically ill.

45. My husband cooks almost as often as I do. *gosh I love him*

46. I love High School Musical.

47. I think Zac Efron is cute. Ok, ok, so I think he's hot.

48. He's not why I like High School Musical.

49. I still love Belinda Carlisle. I turn it up and sing at the top of my lungs whenever I can. (not often, but still.)

50. I'm allergic to cats.

51. I'm thinking I'll never make it to 100, I'm just not that interesting!

52. I want to go back to school and get my nursing degree.

53. I fear getting stuck in my crawl space during a tornado, then having it fill up with water.

54. I love garage sales!

55. ...and salvation army. I love to get a good deal.

56. I've torn all the hair out of a cabbage patch kids head and put new hair in. That was one obsession that didn't last long.
57. One of my pet peeves is when my kids pull the pillows off the couch. It has the potential to make me go bezerk.

58. I lose my temper way too often with my kids.

59. I'm not a salesperson. (hows that for politically correct)

60. I love to create my artwork, but have trouble marketing it myself.

61. Word of mouth has been my best advertising.

62. I **LOVE** the way my husband's face feels after he shaves with a razor.

63. I probably check my email about 50 times per day.

64. Then I have to check facebook, my blog friends and my etsy shop.

65. I have an abnormal amount of flexibility.

66. I can still put my foot behind my head.

67. This is the longest I've ever been home full time since I got married. (going on 6 months!)

68. I actually miss working.

69. I will never regret staying home.

70. There is nothing better than a big slobbery baby kiss.

71. As long as its from my baby and not my older kids.

72. Baby giggles can cure any ailment.

73. I like to watch real ER shows, and Grey's anatomy. I'm fascinated by surgeries, that type of blood doesn't bother me.

74. Fight scene type shows and blood make me feel ill.

75. I don't make friends very easily.

76. I feel intimidated by moms that I perceive as classy.

77. I hate being told I look too young to have 4 kids.

78. I hate it even more when I'm told I look like I could still be in HS or college.

79. I have a hard time sharing what I believe.

80. I don't like shrimp. I used to hate all seafood until I tried my mom's lemon peppered salmon.

81. I promised a missionary I wouldn't get married until he got home.

82. I dear john-ed him 3 months later.

83. The Lord knows a lot more than me.

84. I want to be like my older sister.

85. My weakness is for Dr. Pepper. Except, during my last pregnancy I hated it.

86. I'm scared of spiders. Except daddy long-legs. I don't know why.

87. Most nights I'm asleep before 10:30pm.

88. I don't like to cook. I think this stems from getting negative feedback from someone at nearly every meal.

89. I think I have food issues.

90. Someday I want to go white water rafting again.

91. I don't like reading. Or I don't get enough time to enjoy reading? I'm not sure which. I don't read much.

92. I can't sleep when Benson's not home. I stay up really late avoiding going to bed. Ironic since when he's home, he rarely goes to bed as early as I do.

93. My mom is my hero.

94. I have a hard time being creative straight out of my own head.

95. I'm often inspired by pictures, ideas, photos and crafts of others.

96. I couldn't copy any of them exactly, even if I tried.

97. I have awesome friends.

98. Yes I'm talking about you.

99. I love yogurt, but I don't eat it often because I leave it for my daughters who also love yogurt.

100. I sang a solo exactly once. First and last time. I don't like to be embarrassed.

wooHOO! I did it!


Ashly said...

That was really fun to read! Thanks for sharing with all of us blogging addicts.

Celeste said...

Gosh we have so much in common it is kinda scary! Thanks for sharing! BTW I have checked out your Etsy!

Ker said...

Hey Cheryl,

This is your old Glenwood roommate again. I had to laugh at #92, because it's what I'm doing right now! My hub is doing a night shift, and I can't sleep when he's not here. Guess I'd better turn in anyway, since my daughter will be up in the morning regardless of what time I get to bed!

Corrine said...

those are awesome! love the cabbage patch kids hair thing...i too can't sleep when eric is gone I stay up way to late watching discovery health and dream about going to nursing school...

did i ever tell you i am glad you started a blog and i have so much fun getting reaquanted with you...think i spelled that wrong.

Liz Smith said...

wouldnt we all like to be like lynell...brilliant and talented and able to go right back down to teeny-ness within seconds of giving birth. :)

some of those were hilarious...i had no idea you 'waited' for a missionary, i need to hear that story.

and i hate spiders too!

jae said...

That was fun to read. I am so glad you documented the toe thing. I would hate to have missed out on seeing that. The toe was going to be my favorite but it felt wrong when I saw the flower temple. That is beautiful. I can't wait to see what 100 things you add at 200.

Kenney Crew said...

That was so fun. As I read it, I did a lot of "Oh yeah, she does like that" or "I remember that". Very cool stuff. Girl, I just miss you tons! :)

Debra said...

Too cute!!
100 things has to be hard to think of...I can barely do 5.

Mrs. Morty said...

Wow what a list, I would have given up at about ten!! Congrats!

Julie said...

Fun to read! I can't believe you never hiked Y mountain! I also want to go white water rafting again.

Rosebud Collection said...

A great read and what a great job you did getting that many posts..
Enjoyed all the pictures too..

Weston and William's Blog said...

Wow! That was really fun to read- thanks for sharing!

Aly Allred said...

So many fun things to read about you! You should never feel intimidated by classy people. You, yourself, are classy, talented, adorable, and so kind!

Ok, the whole wacked out toe thing makes me cringe! I agree, you should go back and get a nursing degree. You can totally do it!! You would be a wonderful nurse. My friend just did it and she is in her late 30s. You still have time. :) I personally can't handle broken skin or bones...stitches-ugh!

Max Drown said...

That's only 99. #51 does not count. And, Dr. Pepper is the greatest drink ever with the possible exception of chocolate milk.

Tami H. said...

I have this vague memory of you wearing tape on your toes - and - the leather sandals with two straps and the city of joseph. I didn't realize you tore a ligament!

So fun to read!

We should have a chicago city of joseph reunion. what do you think?

Teri said...

I loved the whole post. But the toe...yikes, I forgot about that until I saw it. It made me laugh and cringe all at the same time. :)