Monday, September 15, 2008

Need feedback

I know you're probably sick of my business stuff, but I'm throwing it out to you anyway. What do you think of this? Its 9.5"x11.75" and created from the digital images of pressed flowers I've collected. The question is, who is my target market for this? I made it with my daughters room in mind, but do you think it could extend out of the young girl sphere?

Thanks for all your opinions and support, have I mentioned how much I appreciate all of you?



Corrine said...

i would put it up in a frame. it is really pretty. could even be like a guest bathroom or room art...ok the bathroom idea sounds bad but you know like a lavendar bathroom,,,anyway it is soft and i think there for sure is a market out there for it. you just never know how people are decorating you the little flower butter flies.

devri said...

You could totaly use this and sell it to many, for different parts of there house.. I'd use it for my almost 11 year old..

Aly Allred said...

LOVE IT!!!! It's beautiful. I think you should frame it. If you ever decide to do something similar is yellow and red, I am ALL for it.