Friday, March 28, 2008

This is getting old

Ok, I know I'm only 33 weeks along, but I have to say I'm getting a bit tired of being pregnant already. Not that I want to actually have the baby now, I just am tired of all of the random frustrations of pregnancy. I had a very disappointing doctor's appointment yesterday. I have OBVIOUSLY been a bit paranoid about any symptoms I've been having this week because of my joyous hospital stay earlier in the week. In addition to the contractions on Monday night, I've also started swelling a little, I've had weird episodes of my heart suddenly racing, and sharp pains rather low in my belly. Basically the doctor took 5 minutes of his time to tell me I shouldn't wear tight socks, we'd check my thyroid later and that all these things are fairly typical with pregnancy. I was so disappointed in his complete dismissal of it all.

Today, I was at work (I work in a doctor's office) and I could feel my heart start to race again. I took my blood pressure and pulse, and found that my blood pressure was up a little, but my pulse was 140!! I guess the advantage of being at work in that situation was that my doc listened to my heart and had an EKG taken right away. Everything looks fine, except the fast rate. So, he ordered a few blood tests, then sent me home to rest. I'll get the blood results monday to see if it is my thyroid wiggin' out again or something else.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. why couldn't the doctor just take me seriously and get the tests done YESTERDAY, then I'd have the results today instead of worrying over the weekend. UGH. Its going to be a LONG 7 weeks if I actually make it that far along.


Kenney Crew said...

That stinks!!!!! I know there are some wonderful mom's who enjoy being pregnant, but after week 20 I'm ready for baby to come. Hang in there. A sure way to go into labor is by watching Mason, it's spring break now for us, I'll just send him

devri said...

ok your symptoms sound like preclampsia yea don't know how to spell it, but pain in stomach, swelling,blood pressure, is a sign of that so let me come take care of you, and CLEAN YOUR HOUSE!!:)

Karena said...

Doctors can be so casual...buisness as uausal. But luckily you work where you do with someone who takes you seriously.