Monday, March 3, 2008

Jeesh. . .

People are so unpredictable, and have WAY too much influence over my attitude.

So, last thursday I had 2 doctor visits, one to my OB and one with a chiropractor. First, the chiropractor... the man I was sitting next to felt the need to comment on my pregnancy. My daughters were with me and playing very nicely, but not quietly, with the toys in the waiting room.

He says: "and you're expecting another one eh?"
Yep. (duh)
Sweet daughter #1 comes up and says " We're going to have 4 kids in our family!"
I explain, they have an older brother at home.
"you're a brave woman"
LOL, well, its not so hard when I'm not pregnant.
"and when is that?"

I couldn't believe my ears. I was SO offended. Did he really think that was funny? despite the massage and adjustment, I felt far MORE stressed after my visit because I was just steaming about his obnoxious comment.

Then I went to my routine OB visit with full confidence that I could convince my doctor that I was not diabetic and did not need the 3 hour glucose tolerance test. I had been testing my sugars at home, and everything seemed completely normal. Even when I tried, I couldn't get my blood sugar all that high. The doctor took a glance at the paper with all my numbers and set it immediately aside. URGH!! He then proceeded to lay on the mother's guilt saying things like, "well, I can't *make* you do this test, its *your* pregnancy and *your baby's* health." Gee, thanks. FINE, I'll do the stupid test. So, Friday morning I went in for the horrible test. The drink was just as bad as expected, but luckily, my response to it wasn't as bad as last time. I did get a headache, but no rebound shaking and nausea.

The thing that made the test tolerable was the very pleasant young lady who I sat next to during the test. She was expecting her first baby, and had to do the yucky test too. In fact, I think she was just as frustrated about doing it as I was. In great contrast to the **~@!## I sat to previously, she was respectful and anxious to glean from my great "wisdom" in pregnancy, labor and delivery... The time went by very quickly as we talked about numerous topics including cravings, working after baby, breast pumps, epidurals and who the best doctors are.

So, in conclusion, JEESH, to the person who felt the need to insult me, and THANK YOU FOREVER to the nice lady I was able to share the yucky experience of the glucose tolerance test with. I really wish that other people didn't have such a big influence on me. I really should have been able to enjoy the massage and gripe and hate the glucose tolerance test, but I guess life just doesn't always give you what you expect.

PS: I got my glucose tolerance test results. ALL NORMAL. Go figure.


Mrs. Morty said...

I hate quips about how many kids you have. I always want to come back with something terribly profound about how I love and cherish each of my kids that leaves the person stunned and a little ashamed of themselves, but nothing ever comes to mind in the moment. Glad to hear you passed your test. Those things stink!

Julie said...

Hey, I just found your blog! Yea, I'm excited to be able to keep in touch better and see what you're up to. I didn't even know you were pregnant - congratulations! Your other kids are getting so big and are so cute! I missed seeing you during Christmas - we were sick part of the time and our trip went by so fast. We'll try for our next visit! Glad to hear you passed your glucose test, what a big relief! Hope everything continues to go well for you - I'll be checking your blog, now that I've found it! (I added your link to my blog, let me know if that's not ok.)

Cupcake said...

Great post and I'm glad that your results were normal!

It's an Etsy: said...

Congrats on the pregnancy (my 1st visit to your blog)

Don't worry about people who comment on how many kids you have, there would be just as many rude comments if you chose to have just one or each his own....

Just love those babies all 1 or 2.3 or 4 or 8 just love 'em!

art4friends said...

oh my gosh! i cannot believe the rudness! i mean i can, because there are rude people, but it still shocks me! i mean come on! keep out of it!

he is probably too rude to find him self a wife and have kids of his own! so dont worry~

and then its nice to hear that the nice people are still swimming about and are there to help you out! :)
its good to hear!

and although this is the first time i have come across your blog, i am still glad to hear the results are normal! :D

renee anne xx

A Keeper's Jackpot said...

So sorry you had to drink that nasty concentrated orange soda concentrate! Bleck! Glad to hear its normal :)

I get baby comments from the other angle. I am 27 and have been married for nearly 3 years so it seems that everyone expects that I have one, like right now. I work with mostly women (older)and in an average week I get asked five times when I'm going to have one, why I don't have one. If I as much as sneeze someone chimes in "maybe you're pregnant."

There is currently a baby epidemic at work which I thought would take pressure off of me but it has only made it worse. My responses to the questions have gone from witty, to mean, and now I just give death glares :)

Take care and congrats on the baby!