Saturday, August 9, 2008

If you say it enough, people will believe.

I've come to the conclusion that my darling little pink Tank has a hard time figuring out what to talk to adults about. It all started near the beginning of the summer. Tank told one of my friends who was over that:

"My Mom makes the best mac and cheese in the world."

Not too long later, the nursery leader at church told me that she had made the same comment to her. She asked me what my secret was.

"Uh, the blue box?"

On another occasion my kids were lucky enough to have a sleepover with all of their cousins. They were all in the same room, so you can imagine the mayhem. When my sister-in-law went in to check on them, Tank was the last one awake, and she told her, "My Mom makes the best mac and cheese in the world." yes, yes, now go to sleep.

Pretty much every adult or child she comes into contact is told about my infamous mac 'n cheese. Whenever i'm asked about my secret, I divulge the truth... buy kraft macaroni and cheese, then follow the directions on the box.

So the story continues. Last week a few of my kids cousins met up at my parents house to play. We thought we would be eating lunch together, so I made a box of mac n cheese. The other family had already eaten when they got there, so we reheated it for dinner. As I'm sure you can all agree, reheated mac n cheese is just not quite as good as the first time, but all the kids had some of "Cheryl's famous" and enjoyed it.

My sister in law made some mac n cheese for her kids a day or two later and just told me this GREAT conclusion to the story. Apparantly her oldest, who is 9, took one bite of that mac n cheese and asked her, "So how does Aunt Cheryl make Mac n Cheese?"

I laughed so hard I cried. Tank got to her. Now I just have to figure out how she got programmed with that and reprogram her to tell everyone something that will work to my advantage. Something like, "My Mom makes the most beautiful art" or something like that...

In the mean time, anyone want to come over for some of the "best mac n cheese in the world"?


Karena said...

It's fun to see what kids find important. Eventually they'll find something higher up to brag about, but for now...just eat it up(no pun intended).

The Miller Family said...

This story made me laugh and think of all the great things to come with my boys. Enjoy every second! And just so you know, I can also make a pretty mean box of kraft! You should submit your recipe to the RS cookbook, hehe ;)

Corrine said...

so what is your secret :)? do you add extra butter?

devri said...

Boy you go all out, we just buy the cheap walmart brand, you the women!!!! Too cute story!!!