Friday, August 8, 2008

and the fridge *was* stinky

Just a quick note today. Our power came on Wednesday night after about 72 hours without. We pretty much lost everything in the refrigerator, it was warm. The freezer was about as cold as our fridge should have been, so we lost most of that too. A heap of garbage and an expensive trip to the grocery store later . . . that problem is solved. Unfortunately, the crawlspace had about 10 inches of standing water in it, so we think our furnace was damaged. The last time our crawl flooded, it was $700 before our furnace would start. Of course, that was in the dead of winter. At least we have a month or so before it is vital we fix it.


But, on the bright side, we were not swept up by a tornado, right?


Mrs. Morty said...

Man, that stinks... uh, really! Such a pain to deal with stuff like that. Glad that everyone is okay though!

devri said...

yuk= we have alot of meat in our freezer from tonga, that would be sad to lose it all I am sorry, I am so glad you all didn't get sucked up. I would be lost without you and your smiley beautiful family. Yea for you!!!!

Liz Smith said... fun at all. i guess it could always be worse though...

p.s. i hope it's more than a month before we need to start up our not ready to be cold again!