Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our awesome weekend

We had an awesome weekend here. Benson's family came to celebrate the fourth with us, as well as the baptism of our Goose and blessing of Daniel. We had front row seats to the fireworks, they were sooo loud! The only one who didn't enjoy them was Tank. She didn't cry, just hid her head under a blanket. oh well.

Fireworks Finale - Chicago - July 2008 from Max Drown on Vimeo.

a few of our 13 guests The VIP's of the day, the girl is Goose's cousin on my side.

some of the cousins from Benson's side

an awesome feeling, all my boys in white.

As an FYI, we believe that little children are born perfect through Christ's atonement, so we do not baptize them as babies. We do give our babies their names and a priesthood blessing when they are born. At the age of 8, children are ready to be accountable for themselves, and are therefore baptised if they choose to be. I'm so proud of all of my boys! My hubby for being worthy to perform these priesthood ordinances, and my Goose for being prepared and ready to be baptised. And of course, I'm also grateful to have our little Daniel as a member of our family.


devri said...

I am so glad to see goose got baptized, I remember when my first got baptized, thought nothin' could be more spiritual, then Keilani got her turn, and yep it still the best feeling ever!!!!

ps. Your fireworks looked great, we went campin' so no fireworks for us, so thank you, my kids were sad they didn't get to see any fireworks, so I gathered them around the computer and hit play. Vaolaaaa!!! Instant fireworks,, YOu rock...

Corrine said...

that is awesome. what a wondeful day.

The Miller Family said...

What a beautiful day. And beautiful kids. I can't wait until mine are old enough to make that important decision! You must be so proud! Way to go!

Rosebud Collection said...

What a beautiful weekend..Lovely pictures of everyone..and congratulations to Goose..what a special day..

Kenney Crew said...

Very fun weekend. Congratulations on the baptism and blessing. I loved the pictures of everyone.