Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm not exactly sure how I'm feeling

So Goose had his meeting with the doctor today. He spent 30 minutes with him before he called us back to join. It was sort of surreal, the doctor basically restated a bunch of the things we told him last week. The strange thing is that when it was coming out of his mouth, I sort of felt like he was attacking my son. I wanted to defend him and say, well yeah, but its not THAT bad. Such a strange feeling.

Anyway, to shorten the story a little, he confirmed that Goose does have Asperger's syndrome and a little to my surprise he additionally said he has ADHD (primarily inattentive type). I really thought the inattention was part of Asperger's, so that's why it surprised me. Anyway, the other thing I wasn't really prepared for was that he thinks medication will really help him. I wanted to have him evaluated so that if there are further problems in school that he will be able to have the resources he needs to get help. The doc would like us to consider using a stimulant medicine to improve his attention, and possibly an SSRI (which is actually an anti-depressant) to help the Asperger's. I'm REALLY not sure how I feel about all this. I want to do the best thing for my son, I guess I'm just not sure what the best thing is. I've worked for a doctor for years, so I know that there are problems that are substantially improved with medication. I'm not anti-medicine, but I'm also NOT a drug-pusher. I rarely give my kids medicine for their colds, and really only take medicine myself except for a migraine and my thyroid. Is asperger's really the type of medical problem that can be helped with MEDICINE? I always placed it more as a problem that would need social therapy or behavioral therapy. ok now I'm just rambling... I realize you may not be an expert in this area, but any advice would be welcome. Thanks.


Kenney Crew said...

Sounds like a rough day. If you aren't sure about what to do, take him to another doctor and get a second opinion. I'm with you, medicine can definately help with certain situations, but especially with ADHD it can be over perscribed. Unless you feel you need it right now, maybe try some behavioral therapy and see if it makes a difference. He's gone 8 years without medicine, a few more months won't hurt, especially while he's out of school for the summer. As his mom, you know the situation best, trust your own personal inspiration and you will do what's best for Austin. Good luck...we'll keep you in our prayers. Love ya!!!

Mrs. Morty said...

Hey, Here is a link to a blog of a friend of a friend, I'm pretty sure her son has asperger's if you want to contact someone who has experience with it : http://sleepymum.blogspot.com/
She is super nice and I don't think she would mind sharing some insights.

devri said...

I can't tell you what to do, and your right, I am not an expert. But- in my own opinion, doctors, and teachers, and parents are way to eager to tell someone that they have adhd dissorder, sometimes kids are just bored. I think that you should get a second opinion.

Rosebud Collection said...

I have to admit I am with the thought pattern of Devri..I have seen so much with doctors/medicines..is there any kind of natural doctor near..I am by no means any kind of expert, but this I do know, you must trust your gut..
Let no one push you into anything..

Liz Smith said...

definitely get a second opinion...it's worth it to find out for sure. plus, and im just playing devil's advocate at this point, if they all agree that medication would help, there's no harm in trying it out and seeing if it helps...especially with his schooling so that he doesnt fall too far behind. that's all im gonna say, i dont want a bunch of angry moms coming to hunt me down for saying this. good luck! im sure you'll make the right decision. :) love ya!

Corrine said...

sounds rough.

I don't know about the meds thing, it is a hard situation to be in and to decide.

Personally, if he is doing "fine" with out it I would do anything yet, unless his attention is getting in the way too much, but go on your gut with taht one.