Saturday, May 17, 2008

So I went a little nuts.

I bought a whole lot of stuff yesterday and need to confess.

For Goose:
2 How to Draw books
1 pair jean shorts
1 dinosaur shirt

For Sweetie
3 Shirts
3 skirts
2 pairs of shorts
2 dresses

For Tank
Strawberry shortcake doll
4 bracelets
3 necklaces

For baby
Boppy pillow

See, I told you I went a little nuts. The good news is that I spent only $17!! Can I just say I LOVE GARAGE SALES! When I was working, I would miss all the "good stuff" because I couldn't go until Saturday. Not anymore, Friday 9am, I was out the door. I even had my mom come and tag team with me. On "questionable" sales, we would leave baby and Tank in the car and take turns scoping out the scene. It was so much fun. And I was thrilled with the finds. Would have liked to have found more for Goose and Daniel, but you can only buy what you can find. Anyway, just had to share my joy.


Rosebud Collection said...

It looks like great finds..Glad you had a great time..

Kenney Crew said...

Where else can you buy 20+ things for $17? That's so much fun!

I have to say I'm loving checking in with you and your family as well. Just wish we lived closer and could "play" like the good ol' days...but for now, blogging will have to do.

Karena said...

Wow. That's awesome. I never have the stamina to go garage sale-ing unless it's in my neighborhood. I hate getting up early, so everyhting good is usually gone. But when I do go, I love it.

Corrine said...

awesome finds! I need to some day do the garage sale thing. We just threw stuff to the curb yesterday and put a free sign up...funny though people were skeptical of taking free stuff, but most of it disappeared by the end of the day

devri said...

that is soo cool, if you have read, I too love a good find, on sat,just found a almost brand new baby bjorn carrier for 10.00 and a really nice hiking backpack (almost new)for 10 also. Keep shopping!!!!

Danette said...

That is some loot. Before I got to the garage sale part I was thinking that $70 would be a good price for retail, like a really good price. But $17 beats that hands down. Good job!

Ashly said...

You go girl!