Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Advice welcome

Despite the way the weather feels, summer is just around the corner! My kids will be done with school next week and I'm feeling great anxiety over figuring out their summer activities. Because of the new baby, we are not going on a big vacation over the summer. I'm not upset over that except that there is no anticipation and excitement for a big trip. I suppose we will likely plan a small weekend trip or two, and some day trips to places like the zoo or childrens museum. That will be fun. However, where I could really use some advice is on what to do for day to day boredness. I want to have some sort of routine, but I don't even know what to include. I *want* to have a schedule for the kids to help with chores, but I don't want that to be the bulk of the schedule. HELP! What are you all doing with your kids over the summer?


Kenney Crew said...

I'm still trying too get our summer organized as well. With Todd's next (and final) surgery in the middle of July, any exciting trips are out of the question for us as well. Mason has cub scout camp, but besides that, nothing else really to look forward to as of yet.

We are going to try "Fun Friday's" where each Friday we plan something fun to do. For that, a friend of mine is organizing a Magic Treehouse club that we will probably join her for. Check out the magic treehouse website, they have some really cute things to start a club of your own with passports and all kinds of stuff that should be fun.

Another thing we are going to do are science boys love them. I bought the kids their own children's composition notebook (it has room for them to draw pictures at the top of the page and bigger lines to write on...found at Wal-mart) for their notes on each experiment. I thought that this would be a fun way to trick my kids into writing over the summer. I haven't decided if we are going to do a science experiment a day, or if we'll just do it once or twice a week. Knowing the boys, they'll be wanting to do it ALL of the time. Again, you can find some great experiments all over the internet.

I'd like to find a fun children's cookbook and let my kids help (from time to time) make some snacks and lunches. Besides that, you'll most likely find us down at the pool. Anyway, I hope that gives you an idea or two...I can't wait to hear some other suggestions.

devri said...

Routine, ummm, let's see my kids got out of school today, and we just had a lazy day, but starting next week we have slower crazy routine, like, instead of one person do one chore, we are doing a family clean up everybody in one room at a time, it goes by so much quicker if I do it that way, and then we have once a week ward park day, so everyone gets to know each other better, and kids have fun too. I am just letting them have free time, computer time, and of course we will live could make a routine of days, not by the hour, just a thought, and of course Aanya's never ending gymnastics.

Brenda said...

Here's what we're doing this summer. Swim lessons everyday for a month. We also bought a movie pass ($5 for 10 movies). They play old movies in the theatre every Thursday. I think they used to do something like this at the Scera in Orem, but I don't know where you live anymore. Park day with friends once a week. Hope this helps!

Rosebud Collection said...

Do they like to garden? Just a little one..You watch, it will work out just fine and you will wonder what you were worrying about.