Thursday, September 23, 2010

so close... yet . . .

not quite done.  This is what my kitchen looks like today. 
I changed my mind about the backsplash.  I love this!!  You can also see the new window installed. 

My new chandelier.  :)  Isn't it pretty?!!

In more exciting news, Cinderelly has decided she wants to be mobile.  She's been rolling around whereever she wants to go for weeks.  This week, she officially started army crawling.  *sigh*  She's so darn cute, but growing up too fast!!

More news...  Sweetie got glasses.  Its not a very strong prescription so she isn't wearing them all the time, but I think she'd like too, just because she thinks they are cute!

Lastly, (sorry no picture yet) Goose started band this week at school.  He decided he wanted to learn the trumpet.  Ei-ya-Ey!  He's been "Plllbbtt"-ing all week.  Wish ME luck with that!  :)


Liz Smith said...

love the backsplash, the chandelier....i pretty much love everything! i vote when it's all finished you invite us over for some of benson's yummy fajitas to inaugurate your new kitchen. ha! :)

we noticed sweetie's new glasses on sunday during the primary program. very cute! i wish my first pair of glasses would have been that stylish. you would LAUGH if you saw my first man, i wish i had kept those. :)

Corrine said...

love the back splash!!! and cinderelly is probably the most darling baby around!

Kim W said...

The back splash is awesome! I haven't looked at blogs in so long. I need to catch up on all the fun remodeling news. Glad Benson is doing better! I love the glasses. She looks so good in them. Aubrey says glasses are just another accessory and with Sweetie, it just makes the outfit better! :)