Wednesday, September 1, 2010

slight update

I need to bring my camera back to my house so you can see how things are coming, but until then, you'll have to endure my descriptions. 

The base cabinets are set and the counter is done except for a trim piece.  My BEAUTIFUL sink is installed and the plumbing is all hooked up!  The next huge undertaking is fixing the electrical wiring.  As Benson was testing some of the electrical systems, he found out that we have about 60% of our house sitting on a single circuit.  Since the ceilings are open from taking out the soffits, now is the time to pull the needed wiring to spread them out.  Once that is done, he will patch up the walls... THEN my upper cabinets can go in.  Slowly, but surely, we are getting there!  WOOHOO!

As for our other happenings, the kids started school last week.  Goose is in 5th, Sweetie is in 3rd and Tank started Kindergarten.  Tank was SOOO ready to start school.  She has been happy to go every day.  Although, we had a near meltdown when she got two warnings for talking and had to move her discipline stoplight to yellow.  It was a very sad day, but I think she has recovered.  She was even more thrilled the next day to tell me she stayed on green.  :)  I guess that means the lesson was learned.  I'm enjoying the structure and homework isn't in FULL swing yet, so I'm enjoying that while it lasts.  Ha!   I do find I have to give more individualized attention to Twister as he is used to having buddies to play with all the time.  Cinderelly is growing like a weed!! She is rolling herself all over the place!  She even has this inch-worm-ish move to scoot forward.  I'm SO not ready for her to be moving around!  I guess I can't prevent it though.  :)

So, that's a tidbit of what's going on.  I've been keeping busy just with the kids  and trying to do my own projects in between.  So, I guess that means life is good.  :)


Liz Smith said...

sounds like everything is coming together! i can't wait to see the finished product.

i can't believe your babies are getting so big. how in the world is it that it's september already?! i had to laugh at colettes crying story...i know i know, it's not funny, but i can just see it and it made me laugh. :) im glad day two went well and i'm sure she is going to love kindergarten.

good luck with all that homework!

Ashly said...

You guys are busy! Love the pictures of the kids, and the big kids too! Good luck with the remainder of the project.

Flowers said...

Oh how I wish my husband or I had the knowledge/ability to do stuff like the rewiring! Our wiring is a disaster and we can't afford to get it done. Your kids sound delightful.Love your shop and Etsy shop. Chris