Sunday, February 7, 2010

Beware of the pool noodles...

Well, actually, its probably more accurate to say beware of the support poles in the basement.  They aren't very forgiving. 

So, we had another trip to the hospital.  Benson and I FINALLY got to go out on a date yesterday!  We tend to not be very original when we go out... our typical date is to go out to dinner then walk around and talk.  With my experience the night before, I had to take it easy, so we went out to dinner, then drove around and talked.  :)  We drove to the video store and picked up a movie for later, and drove all around town.  It was an awesome night and it felt so good to reconnect with Benson.  Its amazing to me how hard it can be to have a "deep" conversation with the kids around.  Constant distraction is an enemy to good communication.  Anyway!  It was a good and relaxing night.  When we went to pick up the kids from the babysitter (thanks Deb!!!!)  Goose was sitting on the couch icing his foot.  When I asked what happened, he broke down into hysterical tears!  Deb said he had been fine and icing it since it happened, but the tears were new!  Poor guy!  Anyway, the story is that a bunch of the kids were all having a sword fight with pool noodles in their basement.  Goose was attempting to block away someone's noodle when one of those pesky support poles got in the way of his foot.  Ouch! 

There was no obvious sign of the injury, just a small bit of swelling and the large amount of pain.  He wouldn't walk on it though, and every movement and touch caused some hysterics, so, I figured we better make sure there was no fracture.  Off to the ER we went.  I think the fear of the unknown played a big factor for Goose.  He had a hard time pinpointing the pain and he just seemed to be ultra sensitive everywhere.  After they got the x-rays and told him there was no broken bone, he was finally able to calm down.  They wrapped it up for him and we went home to try to sleep.  

He still won't walk on it today, but the pain is more localized and his foot is a little bruised... so I assume it IS a bad bruise and will heal over the next few days.  Since Benson has work again today and my parents are still out of town, we are spending another day doing lots of nothing.  I'm sad to miss church since I was released from nursery and have missed going to the Relief Society meetings, but I guess it will have to wait another week. 

By the way, the contractions have slowed to a minimum again.  HORRAY!  I don't know what causes them to start up for me, it doesn't seem to be related to dehydration or completely due to a lot of activity either.  I DO wonder if stress plays a part, but that is much harder to control than drinking a glass of water and not walking too much.  I guess I'll just be grateful they have subsided for now.  :)


Liz Smith said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and that his foot isn't broken. Enjoy your day off from church. I wish i had a good excuse to stay home. :P

oh, and we aren't original with our dates either. we do the exact same kinds of things. :)

Teri said...

Oh Cheryl!! Glad to know things are looking up. :)