Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For a little giggle...

So... last night my mom invited me and the kids over for dinner.  She made sour cream enchiladas (YUMMM!!!!).  With the leftover tortillas she decided to put some cheese on them and melt them and let the kids have those too.  Well, the tortillas my mom bought were fat free, omega 3 enriched tortillas.  Great in theory, however, when those quesidillas came out of the microwave, all my kids were asking "WHAT is that SMELL!!??"  After sniffing around and trying to figure it out, our best guess was that the omega 3 in the tortillas didn't agree with the microwave.  Anyway, they tasted just fine if you plugged your nose.   LOL!  The enchiladas came out of the oven and tasted amazing (as always).  As dinner was wrapping up, I think it was Tank who asked "Where did that awful smell go?" 

Sweetie answered:   "We ate it."

Oh the simple wisdom of children.  I haven't laughed that hard in weeks.


Teri said...

YUM-O! and hilarious!!

Thanks for sharing...but it does make me miss you all.

Love ya

Ashly said...

That is so funny!!