Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Holiday Greetings

I just sent our our Christmas card via email. If you didn't get one, and you want one, send me your email address. :) Its super exciting and reveals my kids real names and everything. lol! If you want the shortened version here it is:

Happy holidays!

Our kids are the best and cutest in the world.

Cheryl is working hard at her flower business.

Benson is looking hard for a job.

keep in touch!

Love to you all,


Crazy Mom of Four said...

love your condensed version!

Kim W said...

That picture is AWESOME!

Weston and William's Blog said...

so cute! You have such an adorable family! (and I feel lucky to know the kids real names, lol!)

Sarah H said...

Hi Cheryl!
I saw your blog of denise's. I also looked at your artwork. Love it.

Liz Smith said...

tank cracks me up! (i would never call her that, but im only doing so in accordance with your blogging standards :P)

but seriously, adorable! i love her smile. she's number one on my list so far of people i want to photograph once the weather warms up. :)