Wednesday, June 11, 2008

June 10th . . . Sweetie's birthday

June 10, 2002, Sweetie joined our family. She was a very good baby.
She was born with a bit of her mother's genes, which gives her an abnormal amount of flexibility.

She has this funny way of avoiding looking at the camera directly.

She is very sensitive. . . she cried on her brother's first day of Kindergarten. She doesn't like to be alone at all. When she was younger, she wouldn't go to the bathroom without me, simply because she didn't want to be there herself. She didn't need my help. She is very shy in new situations, but will be your friend forever once she is comfortable.

This is her beloved blanky. Its VERY loved as you can see, she still sleeps with it every night.

Sweetie's best friend is her sister. They have been soul mates from the moment they met.

Sweetie is also my little model. She knows how to work the camera!

She is also my best helper around the house. She is the first to react when I ask for help. She is pro at getting the phone for me when I am nursing, or giving the baby his binky when I am busy cooking. She loves to do her part to keep Mom happy.

Sweetie, you are beautiful inside and out! Happy 6th birthday!


devri said...

She is beautiful.. she reminds me of you

Kenney Crew said...

She reminds me of you as well. She is darling! I hope that you had a fun day full of celebration. I can't believe how big our kids are getting. Yesterday, I was randomly thinking about the day Austin was born and how we put you in memories. ;)

Karena said...

Happy Birthday! She's so grown up.

TamiAbbyKevin said...

Your family is beautiful. "sweetie" and I (and my mom) actually share the same birthday. How old is your littlest? We are expecting our second in July.