Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How cool is this?

So I am a member of an online community called Etsy. It is an online shopping place for handmade items. I love to hang out in the forums and chatrooms there to glean advice and knowledge from business owners who are in similar situations to my own. It is mostly a very friendly and helpful group of people. So, about a week ago I was reading in the forums, and someone posted about a virtual baby shower. Since I'm pregnant, it caught my attention enough to read more.

the post read:
ficklefaerie says:
Sorry I am a little slow this time around...

It's time to begin the first Etsy Baby Shower of 2008!!!! Due to the overwhelming number of shops and mom's last time around..I will be holding only 2 showers. 1 for the first half of the year and 1 for the second half. If you get missed in one we will iclude you in the next half.

This is the second year for our showers. I begin by collecting names of expectant moms that would like a virtual shower.

I also collect names of shops that would like to participate and send the mom's a gift. I will be splitting the shops that are donating, up with the mom's that are expecting.

This all started with a thread back in Dec. 2006, of a new mom that was sad because she had no family or close friends living near her that could celebrate with her.

Here is the STORQUE info link:


And here is the link to pictures of past shower gifts

Etsy Baby Shower on Flickr


**end of post**

Here's the coolest thing, I wrote, "hey I'm pregnant" and they add me to a whole list of mom's they are collecting gifts for! I also offered to send another mom some of my cards. I am just totally overwhelmed that people are actually offering to give gifts to other mom's based solely on good will. These are not people I really KNOW, we just belong to the same community of people trying to sell handmade goods.

Please visit the shops of the amazing people who are willing to donate their talents for me!



sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

i'm from awesome corrine's blog.

hi cheryl anne,
i wanted to tell you hi real quick and say i love how you said, "Interesting that so many of us felt the same calm feeling. No doubt he will be missed." i so agree! what you said touched me, so i had to come over here and tell you.

kathleen in anchorage alaska :)

Lil Bean said...

Thanks for the mention, Cheryl! so glad to contribute. See you around Etsy!