Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Beautiful Autumn

We are thick into Autumn here. We have beautiful colors everywhere we look and kids growing like weeds.  :)

Goose is in 7th grade and acting more like a tween/teen everyday... Luckily some of that change is also a sense of maturity which we appreciate as he takes on more responsibility.

 Sweetie is in 5th grade... she has a bad case of "10 years old going on 16" but we love her for all her spunkiness. 

Speaking of spunky, Tank is in second grade and is full of fun wherever she goes. She is a good kid, always happy to help out and  wanting to be involved. 

Twister is 4, in preschool and happy to stay there. He told me yesterday that he wants to stay 4 forever, but he doesn't think Jesus will let him. Smart kid. :)

Cinderelly is 2 years old with all that entails along with a strong does of independence.  She recently figured out potty training (horray!), but she is so petite that I've kept her in pull ups (at least until they run out) because they keep her pants up better! 

I'm in the thick of a Chemistry course at the local college and doing well so far.  Next semester I have to try to get my CNA certification which unfortunately will be a large portion of my time.  I'm not sure how I will work out the schedule, but I'm sure we can make it work.  After the CNA, and 1 more class, I can apply to the nursing program.
Benson is much the same.  He is super busy at work, and being an amazing husband and father.  To our great disappointment, he did not find any relief from his chronic fatigue and pain during his visit to Mayo a couple months ago.  We are grateful that the level of pain is manageable, but we're still not sure where to go from here.  We continue to pray for guidance. 

Well, that's about as good an update as I've given in a LOOONNNNGG time, so I'm calling it good.  :)  Enjoy!


Liz Smith said...

I can't say it enough...Fall is the BEST. i can't believe you're so close to applying to the nursing program! so awesome!

pavitra rishta said...

so nice picture every thing is so nice