Monday, August 22, 2011

Last day of Summer

Many of my friends had their kids start school today, so you may have been expecting the traditional start of school pictures. However, today was actually our last day of summer. My awesome dad offered to help me take the kids to Morton Arboretum. They had a blast!
Hanging out in a TINY doghouse.  LOL!

So grown up.  *sigh*

Just after this picture was snapped, Twister fell into the pond behind us.  Opps.  At least he was in good company, Goose fell in too.

Goose was insistant that Cinderelly be involved in the spider web.  He would carefully step over  a few chains, then pick her up and place her in another hole.  She thought it was funny. 

My cute little spider.

He insisted on wearing his sunglasses all day.  He looked so darn cute in them.  Though, he would correct me and tell me he looked cool, not cute.  Cute is for girls. 
This much fun is exhausting. 

My favorite picture of the day. My kids LOVE their Papa!  And he is SO good about letting them know he loves them too.

It's been a good summer. Tomorrow starts the craziness. Goose will start middle school. Sweetie starts 4th, Tank starts 1st, and I start an Anatomy class to work towards my nursing degree. AGH!!!


Liz Smith said...

you're gonna do great, cheryl! you are going to be such an awesome nurse. :)

pepper said...

<3 You are amazing, your children are amazing! You are going to blow them away as a nurse. WATCH OUT nurses, you are about to be forced to step up your game!!

Teri said...

Woot! Woot!!