Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chicken Pox

A quick story to lighten the mood today.  We saw some turkeys in our yard this morning.  I pointed them out to Sweetie and Tank who were sitting in the kitchen.  The conversation went like this:

Sweetie:  Oh look, there they are!! 

Tank:  Cool!

Sweetie:  You have to be careful if you are outside with them because they bite.

Tank:  I know!!  Mom even got a bite on her forehead once.

Mom:  No I didn't.

Tank:  Yes you did, you showed me that mark!  The one on your forehead.

Mom:  You mean the scar that I have from chicken pox??

Tank:  No it wasn't chicken, it was from the turkeys.

Mom:  I think  you're confused... my scar is from chicken pox, which is not actually from a chicken (or a turkey), its a type of rash. 

Well, it made me laugh anyway.  :) 

Summer has been crazy around here.  Crazy weather, and lots of restless kids.  Its hard finding things to keep them all occupied.  They like to play outside but the mosquitos are horrendous this year, so we have to be relentless on the bug spray.  Especially since Twister has such an allergy to them.  Have I shown you this picture before??

He swells up like crazy with a single bite.  The picture was from last year, but we've had some doozies this year as well.  It helps when I get some hydrocortisone on it immediately. 

Anyway, this summer is going well despite our crazies.  :)  We're excited for next month when we are going on a small vacation and meeting up with my old college bestie and her family.  :)  It will be a blast!! 

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Liz Smith said...

i'm so jealous!! i would love to have turkeys hanging out in my yard! i love all the animals out here. it's definitely a perk of living in the midwest. on the other hand, the mosquitos here are MEAN!!!!! i feel your little guy's pain. i swell up too. i was outside yesterday for about a half hour and this morning i found 4 bites. i honestly try to find the value in all of God's creatures, even in bugs, but i've decided there is NOTHING good about mosquitos! UGH!