Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More in the kitchen

So, we are moving along in the kitchen.  Benson got the sink and counter out.   We were unpleasantly surprised to find this steel pipe sticking out of the wall.  The previous owner went as far as to build his own cabinets around the pipe!  Why he didn't move it is a mystery.  Anyway, Benson decided to move it. 


Thank heaven for handy husbands!  The only downfall is that a small leak in the crawlspace became a big leak while the water was turned off.  Benson had an explanation for why this happened, but it was over my head.  Ha!  So, now we have to have a plumber come in anwyay to fix this leak in our water main.  Once that is done, we can install the cabinets and keep this party moving! 

Since the water has been off for several days, and we removed the sink etc... we moved out of our house and are house sitting for my parents while they are out of town.  We should be back in there in a few days, but it sure has been nice to hang out here with a fully functioning kitchen in the mean time! 

I also took on a craft project to pass some time.  I took a girls size 7 dress and converted it to a Cinderelly sized dress.  I think it turned out pretty good. 
Then I was inspired to use the leftover fabric to make some doll clothes.


Kristi said...

Great job girl!!! What a fun project, and the doll clothes are such a cute plus. The kitchen looks fun too. Glad things are lookin up.

Kelli and Jonathan said...

Cute stuff Cheryl. Did you buy the other dresses for the older girls or did you get super duper inspired? You are so lucky to have a handy husband!

Tami H. said...

wow, that is impressive what benson did with the kitchen wall and equally impressive what you did with those dresses!!