Tuesday, October 6, 2009


So.... we are well into the swing of fall here.  School is in full routine, homework is a daily (might I add awful) battle and the days are getting crisp and beautiful.

Goose is doing great in school.  My only complaint is the aforementioned homework battle.  He often forgets to bring things home that are required for his homework.   He has 3 different teachers through the day because of his gifted classes and I am beginning to feel like they don't coordinate homework very well.  There are nights when he has social studies, spelling, reading and math.  Those nights he can easily spend from the time he gets home until 7pm (with a break for dinner) doing only homework.  Then he need to usually read for 20 minutes as well, which he does at bedtime.   After spending ALL day doing school work, it seems like it shouldn't take sooo long for homework.  Part of his problem is that he doesn't focus and just get it done, but still!!!

Ok, that rant is over.  didn't mean for it to come out like that, but tonight was another battle, and hes' still not done at 6:30pm.  I guess I should be grateful that I haven't had any calls from his teachers.  I can only assume he is working acceptably in class...

Sweetie is also succeeding in second grade.  Homework is much more manageable.  Usually just one worksheet and reading for 20 minutes.  She is very neat and exact about getting her homework done.  Her latest accomplishment is keeping her room clean for the past 2 weeks!  I've been very proud of her diligence in keeping it up.  The special treats from Nana haven't hurt her willingness either.  :)

Tank... in preschool and ready for high school.  She loves the attention she gets in class and craves it that much more from me the moment she gets home.  She's made some beautiful projects already and we are excited to see what new creativity she brings home next.

Twister is gaining more personality every day.  He makes me laugh ALL the time.  Its not usually what he's doing that is funny, so much as its the way he looks at me as he's doing it.  For example, today he was eating his lunch and climbed down off his chair.  I was watching him do this, so he continued walking all the way around the table, without taking his eyes off me.  It was like he was just waiting for me to pounce on him and put him back in his chair.  It was all I could do to laugh at him.  He's such a character, I love this age for that.  I don't so much love the enormous messes he is capable of making, but that is a post for another day.  :)

The Peanut is growing well I'm told.  I'm nearly 15 weeks now and had my doctor's appointment today.  The doctor actually really scared me by not finding the heartbeat for several minutes, however once the little peanut stopped moving around, the heartbeat was strong at 150 beats per minute.  I feel like I may have FINALLY *really* gotten out of the first trimester yuckies.  I hope.  Last time I posted that I was feeling better and taking control of the house... then my headaches came back to haunt me full force.  NO FUN.  They were not typical migraines for me, but they were very  persisitant and still painful.  Anyway, I've had 2 days headache free, so I'm really hoping I'm on to better days.  In general, I do have more energy.  My only bad times seem to be around 5pm when I'm trying to juggle making dinner, really needing to eat, and kids that haven't finished their homework yet.  ugh!

Benson and I are going on a REAL date this weekend.   I can hardly wait!  Its been a long time.  Between his horrible schedule and not having extra moola for going out, its been months at least since we've been out on a date.  We're going to a "They Might Be Giants" Flood Concert.  Its somewhat sentimental for us because we went to one of their concerts when we were first dating.  :)  It will be fun.

So... that's our life in a nutshell.  :)


Brenda said...

Great post. And aren't we all exhausted at 5pm? Hang in there!

Liz Smith said...

good times! im sure my mom has fond memories of staying up with me doing homework and helping me with my projects. luckily she really only had to help one kid at a time since my sis and i were five years apart. hang in there!

hooray for date night!!! so glad you guys get to go out. :) i must admit, i have absolutely NO IDEA who 'they might be giants' are (jared tried to name off a couple songs and nothin')....but concerts are always a good time. :D

Corrine said...

yeah for a date and glad things are going well for the most part and you are feeling better. this year homework hasn't been a huge problem but last year gregs second grade teacher sent home a ton for him...it was frustrating.

Emily Widdison said...

busy busy! I can't believe how much homework he has! I would be tempted to call the school and ask if it is normal to have that much homework for such a little guy. no fun. You look great and I'm so hoping that you are right and that you are done being sick. I hate that first trimester!! Good luck!
Very fun update and cute pics of the kiddos.

Teri said...

Thanks for adding a picture of everyone. We were really missing your faces. :)

Love ya!!!