Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Excuses. . .

for my lack of blogging. 

Excuse #1:  Work has begun on the house again.  We're pushing a year since we started, but the end is in sight!  Most recently, WE GOT NEW WINDOWS!!!  Finally!  Siding, gutters, and a bit of landscaping, and we'll be done!

Excuse #2:  Preparing for the inevitable

The kids started school again on Tuesday.  I feel blessed that they were excited to go.  Tank would've jumped right on that bus if I would let her, but she has one more year of preschool.
Excuse #3:  Troub, I mean Twister!

Love that smile.  :)  But he is getting into a lot of mischief and making lots of messes.  Always keeping me on my toes. 
So, those are my excuses for today.  I have more, but I'm afraid I'll sound really lame if I just keep going.  Just know that I am thinking of all you, my blogging buddies) and hope to get into some kind of routine sooner rather than later. 


Mrs. Morty said...

wow! Your house is looking great. I wouldn't blog much with that kind of project going on either :) Plus I know how life with four kids goes too.

Kim W said...

That's good that you didn't use all your excuses up at once. You might need them in the future. :) Can't wait for your "before & after" shots of your house. What a relief that will be for you!!!

Liz Smith said...

i think your first order of business should be to hide that stool! :P oh good grief, i cant believe it's another year...the kiddies are growing up so fast!

the house is looking so good! i cannot wait to see how it looks when it's all done. :)

Devri said...

House is coming along.. hope my foot is too! lol

ok our babies are the same age, so I totally know the in to everything stage.. ugh. such a cute stage though.. I think..

Shannon said...

At least you're posting about why you're not posting...some of us just don't post at all!! It was good to see you on Tuesday. Thanks as usual.