Sunday, July 5, 2009

Home of the free, thanks to the Brave

We went to the Glen Ellyn fireworks last night, and they were AWESOME. We were able to have dinner with friends to start the evening, then we played a mean game of Farkle. :) It was a great time. The fireworks topped it all off. Thanks for a great evening Janelle!

(PS I really thought Twister was going to scream through the fireworks. He hates loud noises like the vacuum and the lawn mower... You can see his reaction in the video.)


KelliandJonathanThorne said...

Oh man, now that is a true firework finale! I miss the Glen Ellyn fireworks... They are so fun! Thanks for posting!

Denise and Brandon said...

I love farkle! I didn't know anybody else knew of that game. During the fireworks show that we went to I came across a very scared, crying, and frantic little girl who was lost. I thought of you and I stayed with her until she found her mom.