Sunday, June 14, 2009

A lesson in economics

Ok, so ignore the *still* unfinished house in the background and take a look at these adorable little kids. :) They decided to open a lemonade stand earlier this week. They made the lemonade themselves and made their sign:

Lemonade for sale: $.50.

The funny thing was that they had nearly finished it amongst themselves when a "customer" came driving up. Luckily, they had just enough for one cup full. They earned their money, gave the lemonade, and hurriedly went inside to make another pitcher full. Goose saw the commotion, but felt a little excluded since it was mainly girls heading it up.


whats a boy to do? He made up his own gallon of lemonade, brought cups from the cupboard and made his own sign:

"Lemonade, $.10! Buy one get one free!"

I tried to discourage him from competing with the girls, but he was determined.

Apparently our dead end street has more traffic than I thought. The girls made a couple dollars, and so did Goose. (Although I heard later that some nice people donated some extra money to the cause). Anyway, everyone was happy, so I didn't pay too close of attention until it was time to clean up.

The girls sign changed when Goose opened up shop next door:

"Lemonade $.50, buy one, get one or two free!"

I'm sure there is some official economic name for what happened... something about monopoly's or supply and demand. . . but whatever you want to call it, it was sure funny to see it in action with a bunch of elementary school kids. :)


Liz Smith said...

lol...that's awesome!! i love it!! :D

Karena said...

The business world better watch themselves as your kids get older. They're dog eat god!

Teri said...

So cute!!!! Wish we could have been there too.