Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Your vote is needed!

I need your help deciding on my "avatar". On Etsy, every shop owner chooses an avatar that they feel "describes" them, and entices people to click into their shop. Some people have pictures of themselves, some choose pictures of the product they sell, and yet more choose pictures of their pets or children. I've had this cute flower girl as my avatar since I joined etsy this summer. I love this sweet girl, however, because avatars must be small (only 75 pixels) I'm afraid she is too small to distinguish. I've been playing around with other ideas and would LOVE to get your vote for the best avatar. Flower girl is still in the running. Here are the contestants...
#1 Flowergirl: Original
#2 Flower girl Close up...
#3 Mary...
#4 Designs in Floral

#5 Mom

#6 Tuscany
#7 Field

Do they make you want to see more? VOTE NOW for your favorite! Thanks!!


woolies said...

Definitely the close-up of flower girl.

Corrine said...

I think number two is a great choice!